Tips For Comparing Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage is a popular option for businesses of all sizes. Being able to store files remotely is convenient and affordable, making it a great choice for any type of business.

When your documents and data are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. This makes it easy to work remotely. It also makes it far more convenient for employees to share information with one another and to work on projects together.

One of the keys to success with cloud storage, however, is choosing the right provider. Because your company’s most sensitive data is involved, it is extremely important to choose your provider carefully. After all, they are responsible for the safety and security of your data after it is stored on their machines.

When comparing cloud storage providers, there are some key points that you should keep in mind. Security should be one of your top concerns. One of the first things that you should check is to make sure that your data is encrypted. In essence, that means that your files are not stored as plain text. Instead, they are encrypted so that they can only be accessed with the right encryption key.

The data center itself should also employ strict security protocols. Try to learn as much as you can about the area where the servers are housed. Only authorized personnel should have access to the servers and there should be strong security practices in place.

Finally, the login process that you use to access your data should also be secure. Most experts recommend choosing a company that not only has you authenticate your account with a password but also with a special code. This two-step process provides extra security in case your password is hacked.

You should also consider looking for a company that works specifically with businesses that are similar in size to your own. Oftentimes, companies will serve both small and large businesses. For instance, Sky IaaS ( offers packages for small businesses as well as large businesses. This is a great option since it allows you to custom tailor your package to your company’s specific needs.

Price is another important consideration when comparing cloud storage providers. Ideally, you should look for a company that offers affordable storage packages. Keep in mind, however, that the price of the service shouldn’t be the only factor that you use when making your decision. Oftentimes, it is worth paying a little bit more to get extra security or other special features. Try to consider the overall value of the service rather than just the price.

Choosing the right cloud storage provider is essential if you plan on storing your company’s documents and data in the cloud. The vast majority of businesses are moving to cloud storage, simply because it is a much more affordable, convenient option than trying to house large volumes of data in-house. The key is to choose a company that offers strong security and that caters to businesses that are similar in size to your own.


Ideal Solutions For Tracking Time And Attendance

Running a business involves a great deal of administrative work to ensure that everything is kept in order. One of the most complex processes is properly tracking time and attendance of employees. This is especially true for business that have different types of employees, such as those that work at home or work offsite. Fortunately, TimeTrex has created a business solution that can greatly reduce the work involved in tracking all employees activities.

One of the best features of their service options is the ability of employees to clock in to work remotely. This can be done on their mobile phone, landline and computer. Simply by logging in and entering their information they can let those that need to know that they have started work. Another option is to actually log in with their face on tablets or phones if that is a feature you desire. This is a great resource if you have employees that may work remotely in a variety of capacities. It also records this information into a payroll system if you desire so that administrative work can be greatly reduced.

The ability to integrate the time and attendance feature directly into the payroll system will definitely save you a great deal of money and time on labor costs. Not only will this information be automatically updated, but you can even use it to track time off and work schedules, relaying any information you desire to those that are in the need to know. Schedule changes can even be sent to employees and managers at the touch of the button, with notifications informing you of when they were received.

It is important to note that you will have complete control over every function provided. You can give the system detailed instructions of where it is appropriate for employees to clock in and the times. Alerts can be set to notify those that need to be notified if an employee has not yet clocked in as they should. The key to their business solutions model is ensuring that every aspect of employee tracking and management can be handled inside of one easy to use platform.

There really is no limit to how effective of a tool the TimeTrex system can be for your business. They will come to you and help you to decide what features are right depending on your operations. Once an agreement is reached about which services you desire they will walk you through implementing them. You can rest assured that their support staff will be with you every step of the way. The ultimate goal is to ensure that you have the tools to run your business as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Many companies of small to moderate size believe that they simply could not afford such a system, but that really is not the case. TimeTrex has the knowledge to create a system for you that will fit inside of your budget and actually save you money in the long term. To learn more visit